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About Us


Established in 1992 Machine Engineering Services started out as machine repairers.  With 27 years of repairing machines in the manufacturing industry.  We soon found out the demand for our skills was in short supply.  While that side of the business was developing another grew with the request from Our customers to supply and sharpen the consumables.

With that in mind we bought Xtracut supplies in Brighouse, a well established Saw Doctor serving the local industry with there tooling requirements and sharpening needs.  This came with 48 years of experience and knowledge that has proved very successful.

We then did the same again in 2008 taking over H Todds in Burnley which expand our coverage to the North West and upto Cumbria .

While this was happening the service side of the business was flourishing and added

Some prestige customers to its portfolio, Kaltenbach, Saws UK, Richard Austin Blackburns, Aalco. And many more in all areas of manufacturing.  We now have a complete package available, to supply your requirements from Machines, installation, tooling, training, service and repair. (The Full Package).  We are acknowledged by several suppliers as distributors for there products.

While using CNC for quality we still have the old skills available and we pride ourselves with the personal touch we offer to all our customers.

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